I loved so many things about Filled, but hearing gospel centered teaching focused on foster care and adoption was an absolute answer to prayer. Reminders that Christ is the only one who can truly "fix" my children, that love for biological family flows from Christ's love, because my own will never be enough, and to fix my eyes on eternal glory in the midst of difficult foster care days. These things filled me in a way nothing else could and that I was absolutely yearning for, after many years of only secular foster care training. -Kristen

I just absolutely loved and needed the time away to feed my soul and connect with other women who share a similar journey with me. It was a pause button from everything that pulls for my attention and energy, and such a welcome and easy place to refocus on God, His purpose for me, and worship Him. -Lisa

What a wonderful recharge! Everything was perfect and the thoughtfulness that went into the planning was extraordinary- from the music and the worship to the letters from a loved one, to the candy bar set up at the movie night to the photo opportunities to the arms around each other and praying with someone who knows what you are experiencing. Each moment was special and needed and appreciated! -Melanie