I’m not a Christian. Can I still attend Filled?

The Filled Retreat is a Christian retreat with Biblically-based, Christ-centered teaching, contemporary worship, and times of prayer. That said, at past Filled retreats, we’ve had women of different faiths and women who don’t ascribe to any faith who have shared that they felt welcomed and comfortable and refreshed! All are welcome!

I’m super nervous about coming by myself. Any thoughts?

About half of the women who attended Filled come by themselves. We asked the moms who attended Filled East alone if they felt comfortable, and here’s how they responded: It was amazing. Not once the whole weekend did I feel out of place or awkward. Everyone was amazingly welcoming and friendly. • There was a spiritual favor over the inclusion at this event. It brings tears to my eyes how welcomed I felt • My roomies were great! • I absolutely felt perfectly comfortable and connected. Not even once did I get hung up on the fact that I was alone. • I felt extremely comfortable and welcomed. • I was so nervous but was instantly welcomed with warmth and comfort. I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to come.

Which room option should I choose?

FILLED EAST: If you’re coming on your own, you can choose to room by yourself (though we don’t really recommend this, as it costs significantly more and you’ll miss out on the community + blessings of getting to know another women!) or choose how many roommates you prefer by opting into the double, triple, or quad rooms. We’ll pair you with other women who are attending on their own. We’ve heard from ladies who’ve attended in years past that getting to know their roommates and making new friends was a highlight of the retreat! If you’re coming with friends, then count up the number in your crew and each choose the rooming option that matches your number for registration! Share each other’s name in the “room request” portion of registration, and we’ll make sure to room you together. Please note: we will place other women in your room with you if the number of guests in your party doesn’t match the room option you’ve chosen (ex: two friends pay for a quad room means two other ladies will be placed in your room with you).

I’m flying in. Can you help me get from the airport to the retreat center?

At Filled East, we will do everything in our power to help you get to the retreat center. When possible, we will coordinate a ride for you. At the very least, we will connect with other moms who you can rideshare with.

I have special dietary needs. Can you accommodate me?

Yes, please e-mail our team, and we will coordinate the details!

I can’t come for the whole weekend. Can I get a day pass?

Due to the number of moms who will be in attendance this year, we cannot accommodate day pass options for anyone.

What do I do if I cannot make it?

We do not offer refunds, but we’ve had women who have sold or gifted their ticket to another mom in years past. If the retreat is canceled (due to weather), refunds will be offered. We anticipate a waitlist (as we’ve had in the past), so contact info@citywithoutorphans.com for Filled West or roxy@fosterthefamily.org for Filled East to be placed on the waitlist.