Breakout Topics


Biblically Based Self-Care • Bryn Wied + Mikayla Grant

The truth is, self care is a lot more than a glass of wine and a spa day. Together we’ll take a look at how the Bible addresses the subject of self care and how Jesus himself utilized it in his ministry. Discover the kind of sustainable self care God created for us and how to incorporate true rest into your daily life.

Taking Care of You, While You are Taking Care of Everyone Else • Donna Callahan

The art of loving yourself, you have love left to share.

Lessons Learned In Mindfulness and Prayer • Whitney Bunker with guest Melissa Ens


“If you are like me, your journey to becoming a mother through adoption has had some pretty high highs and low lows. The reality of struggling with anxiety and children who are often dysregulated, too, can be incredibly difficult. I am on a journey to practicing peace through some helpful mindfulness tools with scriptural prayers and practices. I am not the expert but a fellow student, and I want to share my journey with you! We’ll talk tips, special apps, and specific daily practices you can take away and use.”